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Safety Promos Plus is your #1 source for health, safety and awareness related promotional products. We sell magnets, posters, coloring books, slide guides, bookmarks and other printed material with topics such as CPR, first aid for choking, warning signs of heart attack and strokemanaging blood pressure, diabetes, hand hygeine, what to do during a tornado, heat stroke and much much more (See a list of available topics here). We also sell other safety and health related promotional products such as badge reels, first aid kits, healthy cookbooks, hot/cold gel packs, sticker rolls, stress relief toys, stress relieving adult coloring books and more. 

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What Makes Us Unique?

Whether you are thinking about using one of our products as a promotional item for your business or organization, as a give-away to your employees or customers, or simply as a gift for yourself, the reaction to will always be the same: Thank you for thinking about me and showing you care!

Here are some other reasons we are unique from other promotional product companies:

  1. Unlike other promotional products such as calendars, sport schedules, pens, etc. that have a short "shelf life" and usually end up getting thrown away, our products which contain valuable health and safety related information, are likely to stick around for a very long time - hence, so will your contact information and logo!
  2. Some other companies ask you to buy a product without ever getting a mock-up or proof. We will provide you with a free proof* for your review and approval before we ever go to print!
  3. We will add your logo and contact information for FREE!*
  4. Wholesale distributor costs + plus low overhead + owner oversight = great prices and great flexibility. Because we order so many magnets, we get great distributor pricing, and because we do not have a storefront, high inventory, or sale agents, we can offer you the very best prices.
  5. Great flexibility and customer service. Whether you have a new idea for your own magnet or poster or want to tweak one of our existing products, we can accommodate. No bureaucracy or approval loops needed - just quick and easy decisions!
  6. Last but not least, all of our magnets and posters are MADE IN THE USA!

* Applies to orders of 100 or more.



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